Rated #1 in Poa annua suppression over a four year study!
  Ledeboer Seed LLC
22068 Case Rd. NE
Aurora, OR  97002-9727
(503) 501-2430  Ext. 101


Welcome to Ledeboer Seed, LLC!  We are a small grass seed research and development company located outside of Aurora, Oregon in the heart of the Willamette Valley grass seed producing region approximately 30 miles south of Portland.

Our breeders, Dr. Frederick Ledeboer and his son, Hagen , have over 45 years of experience breeding superior turf varieties of perennial ryegrasses, turf-type tall fescues, Kentucky bluegrasses and fine-leaf fescues.  All of our varieties are selected and developed at our own research station and then tested throughout the world.  They are evaluated and selected for the highest turf quality criteria of appearance, density, color, wear tolerance and disease resistance.  Our varieties routinely rank among the finest the turfgrass industry has to offer for use in home lawns, industrial and residential landscapes, golf courses, and athletic fields.

Our latest developments are the extraordinary and very beautiful spreading perennial ryegrasses for which a utility patent has been granted; Patent No. 7,696,418 for Spreading Ryegrass.  National performance data can be reviewed at www.NTEP.org.  We are particularly proud of these grasses because of their outstanding turf performance, fine texture, high density and exceptional overall appearance.  Additionally, we are currently developing and marketing new stoloniferous turf-type tall fescue varieties that also knit together in a similar fashion to our spreading ryegrasses.  These new tall fescue varieties are extremely fine-textured with much greater density than regular tall fescues and can be used for improved durability on athletic fields and home lawns over standard turf types.  Click on our tall fescue page more information on these exciting new products!


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