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Natural Knit® brand spreading perennial ryegrasses are a significant and unique development in the perennial ryegrass market.  These patent protected (US Patent No.: 7,696,418) varieties have been developed for better turf adaptation and performance and are true spreading types that can be used for perennial ryegrass sod production without the use of sod netting and for golf and athletic field applications. 

Natural Knit® ryegrass varieties develop a tightly intertwined layer of "pseudo-stolons" which are modified horizontal stems that will root at each node as they elongate and branch to form more tillers.  These tillers are indeterminate (stolon-like) and are formed primarily in spring and early summer after fall seeding. When fall seeded, the turf becomes "vernalized" over winter, which induces the production of the pseudo-stolons, thus allowing the turf to tightly knit together.  This provides for improved sod strength, extremely fine texture, increased wear tolerance, superior turf density and the ability to repair minor damage without the need for re-seeding.  Also, tests have shown Natural Knit® spreading ryegrasses will tolerate year-round mowing at less than 7/16" in temperate climates with reduced summer vertical growth and lower total spring and summer clipping accumulations.

                                          Beware of Imitators!!!!

Other companies claim to have "regenerating" ryegrasses with "determinate" stolons so unique that they qualify as a new sub-species of perennial ryegrass.  This material lacks both color and density, even at their recommended higher seeding rates.  In side by side comparisons, Natural Knit® varieties increased in area up to 178% more than these "regenerating" ryegrasses during the same time-frame.  Also, live tiller measurements show Natural Knit® varieties to have 3x the turf density during the summer months over "regenerating" ryegrasses.  These measurements were taken over a 16 month period on new turf established at recommended seeding rates of 7lbs per 1000 sq. ft. for "regenerating" ryegrasses and 3lbs per 1000 sq. ft. for Natural Knit® ryegrasses.  Our lower seeding rates coupled with very fine texture, dark color, earlier tillering and increased density ultimately save you time and money...don't be fooled by so-called "regenerating" ryegrasses...stick with the original US Patented Spreading Ryegrasses...Natural Knit®! 

                           Now rated #1 in Poa annua suppression in turf!

Above -  Tightly "knitted" pseudo-stolons" on underside of washed turf .  Below - Late spring spreading.

Above - Increased turf density over standard perennial ryegrasses

Below - Divot self-repair - 38 day trial.  Initial divots and photo taken on 7.14.2011.  Next photo taken on 8.21.2011

Natural Knit has been rated #1 in Poa annua suppression in turf over a 4 year university trial, proving to be significantly superior in reducing annual bluegrass infestations over the leading competitors.
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